Client Experience

Working With Sarah Jarjour at insurme was the best experience I’ve ever had with insurance. She made it simple and easy, and designed a customized plan that was perfect for my needs. I was able to get all the insurance plans I needed in no time and I felt confident that she had my best interest in mind. I highly recommend insurme to anyone who wants a highly customized, simple, and efficient experience while acquiring a variety of insurance needs.

I worked with Sarah at insurme who was such a pleasure to work with. She explained what could have been complicated choices very clearly and in a professional and organized manner, she is very quick to get back to you, and she goes above and beyond to tailor recommendations based on your needs. When I had more obscure questions, Sarah was very quick to do some research and reach out to other colleagues in order to find out the answers to my questions. It really goes to show that she truly cares about her clients and protecting them and their loved ones with the right insurance solutions. I would highly recommend insurme to anyone I know that may have any personal or business insurance planning needs.

As a new customer to private insurance my knowledge was very limited. Sarah took the time to go through all the different types of insurance available. We provided her with feedback and she presented us with an individualized document identifying a number of insurance providers and a breakdown of their differences. A potentially overwhelming process was made comfortable and easy to understand, allowing us to make an informed decision.

Still being in my twenties, life insurance was not something I had thought about before. We met with Sarah through insurme’s easy to use web conferencing meeting tool. Sarah was patient and scheduled calls around our busy lives. Once we had all the answers we were looking for we were able to select an insurance provider and complete the process online in the comfort of our own home.

I worked with Sarah at insurme on determining my insurance needs this past year and was impressed by her attention to detail, knowledge and quick response time. I trust that she sincerely wanted to find the perfect solution for my needs. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend insurme to anyone looking to explore their insurance needs.

As a fast-paced small business experiencing accelerated growth, it is difficult finding the time to identify a cost-effective group benefits plan that delivers meaningful value to our team. We were on a plan that saw our rates rise year after year, leaving us with the possibility of having to reduce benefits to manage costs. Our staff are our most important asset, and we wanted to ensure we were making an informed decision. When we engaged Sarah at Insurme, we explained our needs, stressing the importance of maintaining a competitive compensation strategy which includes a comprehensive employee benefits plan. Sarah was incredibly attentive and asked pointed questions to identify what we needed, what we wanted, and how to prioritize both. Within a few weeks Sarah returned with 3 potential options, with one in particular that aligned very well to our ideal plan. The icing on the cake was that this plan not only added additional benefits to the current plan we were on, but also came with a reduction of $12K/year in premiums! We are grateful to Sarah and the team for allowing us to focus on our core business while still supporting the health and wellness of our staff!

Having Sarah complete our insurance review over the phone was very convenient for us. She emailed us in advance to let us know what info to have ready for the phone review which greatly simplified the process. She was very thorough and informative and offered several suggestions for our situation, then followed up with an email summary of our review for our records. No pushy salesman tactics here – just great service!

As a person who was new to purchasing insurance, I could not have asked for a better first experience. Insurme was able to gather all my information, provide me with tailor made insurance options to fit my lifestyle, and the best part was I never had to leave my house. I would recommend Insurme to anyone, especially those interested in exploring their insurance options.