Ready, Set, Jet

You’ve invested a lot of time planning your trip: where to go, when to travel, who to travel with, where to stay, what to visit, where to eat, where to shop, and what to bring. You can easily get caught up planning all the highlights of the trip to come and forget to plan for unforeseen events that could occur and would significantly impact your plans. It’s important to protect yourself in case you need to cancel or interrupt your travels due to a medical emergency, a missed connection, or even jury duty, since most of us don’t want to lose our vacation investment. Also, having access to emergency medical coverage in case of illness or injury while you’re travelling is also important since without it, emergencies overseas can be very costly to pay out of pocket. And lastly, too often than we would like, we may experience common travel mishaps such as a cancelled flight, a missed connection, or a delayed or missing bag, where travel insurance can help make that inconvenient situation just a little easier to deal with.

Solutions we offer for travel insurance include:

  • Single-Trip or Multi-Trip Coverage
  • All-Inclusive Coverage (Emergency Medical + Trip Cancellation/Interruption)
  • Emergency Medical Coverage Only
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Only
  • Annual Travel Insurance Plans
  • Different Travel Insurance Solutions available for Travelling Canadians, Visitors to Canada, and Canadian Students studying Out-of-Country